Best Inspirational Movies To Watch In 2021

Inspirational movies are a good source to be inspired towards your goal and to give direction to your aimless life. Movies have always played an important part in my life as an inspiration but the thing is the content of the movie and story is also important because you will obviously, not like to waste your important hours on the worst content. So, I am here to help you with the best Inspirational movies which you should watch to get inspired. Sometimes a sudden click can give the aim to achieve success and can be a turning point in life. I hope that these movies provide you such a click. We always listen to this from our elders that there is something best in a person and that best is a key to success and I am always finding a  way to find out at what thing I am the best and what is my unique capability which can help me towards a life which I dream of. Are you also searching for that unique quality of yours? Hope you find it by this method.


It is based on the true story of  Desmond T. Doss. It is a story of  World War II, Battle of Okinawa. Doss went on the battlefield without arms having a Bible in hands and just with trust in god. He saved the life of 75 soldiers without firing even one shot. He went on to earn respect for his bravery when his fellow soldiers excluded him from society. At last, He was awarded by the  President Harry s.Truman with Medal of Honour.


It is a true story of Louie Zamperini. When he was a kid he was always in trouble and his brother used to save him. Later he finds a way and channelizes his energy towards running and became Olympic Runner. At the time of World War II, he was enlisted in US airforce, when he was in a mission over Pacific his plane crashed and he survived 47 days in Pacific in the worst condition. This movie shows how a person can overcome every worst condition with his will power and as the movie’s name suggests”Unbroken ” which can’t be broken in any condition.


It is based on a true story of Britain’s first  Olympic Ski jumper, Michael Eddie. In the movie, you will see his never to quit attitude which is fantastic and inspiring for all of us who quit when a small hurdles come in front of our way. Bronson Peary was a former Ski jumper and was very impressed by Eddie’s determination and teaches him to ski jumping tricks and train him for 1988, Winter Olympics in Calgary.Alberta


This is the story of Christopher McCandless.He was born into a rich family. He completed his graduation from a high university and topped in study and athletes. But he surprisingly, instead of choosing a wealthy and prosperous life he chose to set out a journey to Alaskan Wilderness. He gave all his money and belongings to a charity and went out to find a new path in which he will create himself on his own rules. This movie is a great inspiration to be out of your comfort zone and find new ways to succeed.


This is the story of a man, Will Hunting having a genius IQ level. He was a caretaker at MIT.when  Professor Gerald saw him solving a difficult math problem at the graduate level. He tries to guide him to the right path. At last, you will find that Only education can never be the key to a happy life because the meaning of life is different and there are different aspects of life and if whole life you are only stuck to education that at last, you will not find the true meaning of your existence. At last, Will tries to find out the true meaning of life.


This is one of the best Inspiration Movies. The main Character Of the story is Gump and his smiling face in every situation inspired a lot. He was bullied in his school. He was short and have a below-average IQ.His mother always taught him about things will be good and many good lessons which keep him inspired and his trust in good things. His good intentions and helping nature make other people love him. His childlike things make others happy and him too. He wants to find his only childhood friend Jenny who was living a hard life. At last, it proves that love has no boundaries. and It inspires that you must love yourself as the way you are and you must be an inspiration for others.


It is a fiction. It is a story of a man Bruce who lost his job and complains god for treating him poorly. God listened to him and gave him all his power and offers him to prove that he can fulfill everybody’s dream and make everyone happy. He accepted the challenge and uses his power and for selfish cause and at last, he found that he was not able to hear everyone’s problem neither he could make everyone happy instead of that he makes everything worse. This story teaches us that complaining about our short issues is not a solution because things get done when we are willing to do them.


This is the story of a famous superhero, Batman. It is basically the story about the origin of Batman when his parents died. You will see his struggle to save others.


This is the story of a single father, Chris, and his son. Chris never quit and you’ll see that he will be finding ways to give a better life to his son. The story starts with both of them evicted from an apartment and has no place for shelter and no food for surviving then Chris finds an intern job that doesn’t pay him and then he struggles hard to change their destiny.


This is story is based on a novel by Stephen. This is a story of a man who is sentenced to jail for killing his wife and her lover but the truth is different. This movie shows the struggles of a prisoner and their hard life. Andy will find a friend in prison and it will be interesting to find out how things go on.
few more Inspiration movies you can watch:

  1. RUDY
  4. HITCH
  5. JOBS
  10. ANAND
  11. MANJHI
  15. SWADES
  16. ROCKY

I hope, You love this list of movies. I’ll suggest you enjoy these movies and don’t forget to give your life some important and good values.
Thank you
Always smile and enjoy life.