Boarding Diary Chapter 97 English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa

Boarding Diary Manhwa Info

  • Manhwa
  • Genre : Drama, Romance, Slice of life
  • Author : Suspect H
  • Artists : Jetta Kim
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Chapters : 95 in Raw and 95 Eng. Translated
  • Rating : 9.7/10 By 16.5k Genius

Boarding Diary Webtoon Synopsis

Kim Joon-woo (A Freshman) who had just entered college after taking another entrance exam.

Because of too caring parents of Kim Joo-woo they suggest him to not live alone so he has been boarding at his friends house near by his school for last three months.

Cho Mi-Kyung, the Mistress of the Boarding House, is another character in the webtoon.

Kim Joon-woo has been avoiding Mi-Kyung for a variety of reasons.

Now let me introduce the Youngest Daughter of Mi-Kyung. Jang Min-JI is her name, and she is a wonderful buddy close enough to keep pranking and bothering me.

Now it’s my turn to present Jang Yung-Chun, a friend of mine whose home I’m staying at. Another thing he despises is the name Yung-Chun. In front of girls, he prefers to be addressed as Yungbin.

The family is too supportive and caring to me. Mi-Kyung assists me and looks after my food and clothes.

Boarding Diary Manhwa also known as (AKA) “하숙일기”. This Ongoing webtoon was released on 2020. The story was written by Kim Jetta,Suspect H and illustrations by Kim Jetta,Suspect H. Boarding Diary webtoon is about Romance, Slice of Life story.

The webtoon is going to be fantastic, with many ups and downs in Kim Joon-woo’s life.

Boarding Diary Chapter 95-96 Recap

The chapters begin with Difficulty, with Kim Joon-woo attending relationship class.

While there was some debate in class about it, the teacher also thought of him as odd because of his previous actions.

The main motivation for Main Character taking this lesson was to protect his relationship with Ajuma.

He begged the teacher for help, and she gave him a book written in Spanish. (which the main character is unable to read).

Ajuma got her finger cut. Kim Joon get to know about her finger when she Gave him fruits to eat while studying.

Kim Joon finds out that Ajuma is not feeling well and check out if she had fever.

Kim Joon missed his second lecture and everyone was making fun of him.. while teacher was thinking he might have not completed the assignment i had given of reading that book.

Later at the end of the chapter Kim Joon went to Professor’s cabin.

Chapter 96 of Boarding Diary was epic since it built up a magnificent plot from beginning to end.

Chapter 96 showed many things but didn’t gets to conclusion and made a lead to upcoming chapters of “Boarding Diary”.

Boarding Diary Chapter 97 Raw Manhwa

Boarding Diary Chapter 97 English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa

Boarding Diary Chapter 95 Raw has already released and Its time for Chapter 96 and 97 raw is yet to Drop out.

Boarding Diary raw chapters drops a week before uploading the English Translated Chapters.

However at this time both English and raw chapters are at same stage. Stucked at Chapter 95.

On 4th June 2022 Raw Chapter 95 released and Chapter 96 and 97 raw is queued to release on 12th June 2022.

Boarding Diary Chapter 97 English release Date

As we all know, both the raw and English chapters recently released Chapter 95. However, chapters 96 and 97 have yet to be released.

The author has still yet to confirm the release date of the next chapter, but the upload rates of the previous chapters disclose that it will be on June 18th, 2022.

There might be a surprise from the authors side by uploading two Chapters at a same time.

So, For Now it is expected that Boarding Diary Chapter 97 will drop on 18th of June 2022.

Release time 12 am PST.

Any updates regarding this will be updated as soon as possible.

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