Conan Exiles: Making Hardened Steel Full guide (updated 2021)

Conan exiles Hardened steel recipe

Conon Exiles: How To Build Hardened Steel

Playing Conon Exile then survival is necessary and if stuck in some of the recipes like making hardened steel in the latest update then nothing to worry about.
It is still too easy to make hardened steel in Conon Exiles. You’ll just need to find and harvest few items before building hardened steel.
Higher quality Hardened steel is formed using steel bar and black ice crafting for 15 sec.

Use of Hardened Steel in Conon Exiles

Hardened steel in Conon Exiles can be used for multipurpose such as:
  • Hardened steel helps in making powerful buildings
  • Hardened steel helps in crafting unbeatable overpowered weapons
  • Hardened steel helps in crafting life savior body armor which is a must thing if playing an action survival game like Conon Exiles.
  • Hardened steel helps in making the most useful tools in the game such as cooking or hunting tools.
  • Hardened steel helps in building steel helmets, steel bots, steel shields, steel gauntlets, steel pauldron, steel tassets.
  • Hardened steel helps in making axe, spears, swords, daggers, tridents, Hammer Javelin, knives, arrows, and bows.
  • Hardened steel helps in crafting 1000+ items in Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles: Hardened steel Recipe

Conan exile Hardened steel crafting

To make High Grade hardened steel In Conan Exiles you’ll be heating a Steel bar and black ice on any of the furnaces for 15 seconds and you will gain an experience of 12.
To Make Hardened steel first we prepare a Steel bar, Steel Bar can be crafted in 15- 20 seconds. There are two ways to craft steel bars.
Conan Exile: Crafting steel bar

The first method: If you have ingredient Steel reinforcement the from only that you can craft it within just 20 seconds and you’ll gain an experience of 1.
The second method: If you have ingredients like Iron bar and steel fire then with them you can easily craft a steel bar within 15 seconds and you’ll get an experience of 1.
Conan Exile: Black Ice

Another thing required to make hardened steel is black ice and black can easily be prepared by using three ingredients: 100 Ice + 5 Ice shards + 1 Manifestation of zeal and your black ice will get crafted in 30 seconds.
That’s all it is too easy to craft the item in Conan Exiles