Dead Cells Cavern Key: How to find and use to Unlock Cavern Biome

Cavern In Dead cells is the fifth level and to access it we will be needed a cavern key. The cavern in dead cells was introduced in the update: Rise of Giant in dead cells.

When we reach the level there are a lot of questions that- How to unlock Cavern in Dead cells?

How to find Cavern Key in a dead cell?

The Easiest way to access the Cavern by Cavern key in Dead cells is as follows:

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Guide To find Cavern Key in Dead Cells

Step 1: Before you get your hands on Cavern Key to enter the new biome you will be fighting against The Hand of The King and after beating the hand of the king you had to follow the giant and there is a cutscene.
Step 2: As soon as the cutscene was over you had to go through the prisoners Quarters and get your weapons.
Prisoners quarter form where you lead towards Cavern and cavern key
Step 3: There you”ll find a hole in the wall.
Step 4: Get through the hole and you”ll find two doors.
Step 5: Now it’s time to open the door to do so you had to press the switch between the door and that could be done by throwing your head and moving it to the switch location.
Step 6: As soon as the switch is pressed the doors will open simultaneously.
Step 7: Jump to the room and there you’ll find Cavern Key.
SUMMARY To Get Cavern Key To Unlock Cavern Biome and get to fight with new boss : Beat The Hand of King – Giant appears – Cutscene – Go through Prisoners Quarters – Go though Hole – Open the doors using Disanagaement technique – Go in the room you”ll have Cavern Key.

Dead Cells Cavern Key is necessary to unlock the Cavern biome to get that key I have explained the best way above.

How to Get To Cavern Biome?

Now to enter the Cavern you can just follow the simple routes by following Steps:
Step 1: As You all are known to the Prisoner’s quarters, then just reach there.
Step 2: Now you can go Through Vine Rune To Toxic Sewers line and reach Ram Rune to Ancient Sewers.
Step 3: Either you can go from Prisoner’s quarters to Promenade of the damned To Ramparts.
Step 4: Either you follow step 2 or you follow step 3 it’s up to you next you had to reach Insufferable Crypt.
Step 5: Insufferable Crypt leads to Graveyard and is the only way to reach there.
Graveyard in dead cells where you can enter to cavern biome
Step 6: From Graveyard use your key to access the Cavern Biome in the Dead Cells.
SUMMARY to Reach Cavern Biome with Cavern Key: Prisoner’s Quarters – Insufferable Crypt – Graveyard – Use your key and unlock the Cavern.

Once you have unlocked the cavern you can always access it from the Graveyard And once you have defeated the giant it can be accessed from Slumbering Sanctuary.

This is enough guide to unlock the Cavern and find Cavern Key. If still facing any problems then let me know it.