Fate/Grand Order: 10 Astolfo Cosplay That Are Quite Impressive

Fate/Grand Order has a quite big Fan base including me and Astolfo is an Epic Character in it. I got hours in it had just figured out some of the best performed Astolfo Cosplay all over the internet.

Fan loves too much Astolfo as it just has a great Cosplay List and is almost Similar to Character.

Astolfo Like Cute Things and as one of the Handsome in twelve he Likes to Dress like a girl.

#10. Ready For Fight

Astolofo cosplay from fate/grand order

Being a weak legend but ready to fight Shows Astolfo as an optimistic- survivor as shown by dutsyphotography in her Beautiful Cosplay.

As A+ Rider he is among the best character in the game. dutsyphotography did a great job using the best background and posing almost perfectly to fit like a Rider of “black”.

#9. Being Cute

cute Astolofo cosplay

As we all know Astolfo likes cute things and loves to dress like a girl. It is perfectly shown by sweetteacat.

He may have been defeated in riding in many competitions but has always won in the beauty among all 12.

#8. Dreamed Hair

Best Astolfo Cosplay

As Astolfo Says his hair ornaments are so impressive that a princess might like to have is so much described by Kisshu.

While Complete detailed dressed like Character, While she focused on hair increases the detailing of the Character’s Beauty.

Kisshu did a great job in the cosplay.

#7. Dressed In Agartha

Beautiful Astolfo Cosplay

While Everyone was preferring to dress in the main costume K1dp1t did great work to show off his Cosplay in Agartha dress.

Astolfo’s Dark secret in Fate/Grand Order is that “she is he” dressed like a girl. The Secret is completely maintained by K1dp1t along with That he performed too great in it.

#6. Tried Something Experimental

Twin Astolfo cosplay

After watching a couple of Astolfo’s cosplay I figured out something experimental as the game focused on the character’s hair similarly nefuuu_ managed to cosplay without dress with only her hair.

With effective teamwork and not forcing on detailing of a character.

Cosplay was performed so well that just by hairs FateGrand order players can figure it out.

#5. Evil Astolfo

Dangerous evil astolfo cosplay

elioliodevilish Tried Astolfo cosplay and was another similar cosplay.

her scarf made cosplay look-alike an evil character.

this reminds me of the character as “he does what he wants”.

As Deamon in The vampire diaries Being complicated by its nature is the same shown by elioliodevilish.

#4. Legend Lacking in Skill as-usual

Cute astolfo cosplay

_10kujo Performs well in stating that while the character is weaker and lacks skills but still has something different to show off.

With a Beautiful Background and floor, he played cosplay as a pet cat.

Cute Astolfo Cosplay

The black background too matched that it focused on the dress and looks epic.

I liked both of the pics too much that I had to mention both of them here.

This cosplay is one of the most liked by the Fate/Grand order Watchers.

The cosplay well defined the maid Astolfo, and the character’s cuteness lie behind the beauty.

#3. Nice To Meet You

Nice Astolfo Cosplay

There is a trend of playing Astolfo cosplay and in between that danteheadbanger comes up with a sensational cosplay.

With Blessing’s smile, she did play a great cosplay. Moreover, This reminds me of Superman, Ya really.

The background was similar to War movies with fire spots that goosebumps.

#2. Beauty with Powers

Best cosplay performed as Astolfo Maid

Astolfo Wants Peace in the world but hides weapons behind.

Prominent Astolfo Cosplay performed by nemuriotaku. While Detailing the Christmas tree she is also hiding sword leans on the wall mentioned by her itself too.

She did appreciable work with detailing cosplay dresses along with her photogenic moves.

#1. All Crew Assembled

Best team work cosplay as all Fate/Grand order characters.

We were in search of Astolfo alone and found The whole family dressed waiting for us on their couch.

After checking their art we just forget to mention their handful of things like carrying books and roses, Plate of cake-like stuff.

Along with Astolfo don’t forget to appreciate Tamamo no Mae, Janne D’arc, Scathach.

They all have four great matches with characters and konoe.cosplay performed awesomely.

We are not leaving soon with only 10 cosplays we always have something for anime lovers, Presenting one bonus.

Bonus Astolfo Cosplay: Infected by Vampires

Most beautiful among the astolfo cosplay

First, I watch cosplay my mind comes up with the vampire diaries and after watching a couple of episodes I am again writing about it.

Teeth remind me of vampires.

Even Though Cosplay was epic the thing I liked most in cosplay that forced me to add to the list is How well the Astolfo gears are shown.

The lion logo is so clean and a costume is up to the mark as a character is formed in real.

yunomi_ochawan Played an extremely attractive Astolfo cosplay. In no time 2K+ Fate/Grand Order Fans find it out on the internet.


We appreciate the hard work of the artist, We can only see the outcomes in the images but a single dress-up-like character toom hours in a row.

Listing cosplay is one way to appreciate the hard work of the artist behind this.

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1-10 is not a ranking metric to measure the cosplay performed by them but are the ones which seem to me as an ideal attractive and seen before gots the best place.