Fire Emblem Three Houses elegant tea set Complete Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the most loved RPG games and Fire Emblem Three houses have a lot of tea time and Tea time is the best to interact with your student and you will come to know about many other characters.

The Game Fire Emblem Three Houses Offer you a couple of choices from beginning to end and could even totally change the story of the game. In Between That You’ll come to know about Fire Emblem Three Houses Elegant Tea Set.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Elegant Tea Set Complete Guide To Interact With Different Characters.

As soon as my hands came on the game, I was too excited to play it but I got confused when it came to choosing a lot of options. I was too curious about choosing others this made me play games more than once.
The Best thing about role-playing games like Fire emblem three houses is that you can change your options and choose the character which you love.

How to Unlock Fire Emblem Three Houses Elegant Tea Set Feature, Tea Time

When You reach During the TIme of Blue Sea Moon i.e second month, You’ll be able to unlock the Elegant Tea Set.
Follow The following steps to unlock Quest :
Step 1: Explore The Monastery, Where Ferdinand would be found.
Ferdinand gives elegant tea set as gift
Step2: In Monastery you will find Ferdinand Looking for Someone to share a cup of tea. Ferdinand is near the stables in Monastery.
Step 3: Interact with Ferdinand and you will come to know that he by mistake got two same tea set and he wants to gift one to someone who respects and appreciate the value of the tea set and that is Tea For Two.
Step 4: Now you will be offered an Elegant tea set as a gift.
Step 5: Now you had to search for the person who is worth it.
Step 6: Let me make it easy he is  Lorenz. Lorenz is near the peir.
Lorenz Receives the gift and has first tea time
Step 7: As Lorenz receives the gift. Now you can meet with your students one by one and interact with them as a Tea Party.
Having tea time with Lorenz unlocks the feature Tea Time and you end with an elegant tea set.
Now the only thing you had to do is interact with someone and ask for tea time and you will have a nice tea time.
With Tea Time you can have a great time and can make friends by noticing their likes and dislikes during the conversation. choose the best characters that you love and have a tea time to know more about them.

Use of Elegant Tea Set in Fire Emblem Three Houses

The use of the Elegant Tea Set is to unlock the feature of making friends and interacting with students with the help of tea time.
To do so just you had to the tea set from Ferdinand and hand it over to Lorenz and from Lorenz friendship to others, you can enjoy the Tea time.