Green hell: 12 Ways To Increase Sanity Full Guide

Sanity is a measurement of survival in Green Hell. Sanity is a scale between 0% to 100%. Certain actions could increase or decrease sanity. For better gameplay and health in the game, your sanity must be greater than 50%. At starting of the game it would be 100% which would decrease due to worm leaches parasite rash and the wrong food you eat.

Loss of Sanity will cause the player to start hearing his own inner voice, you would fight against unknown personalities doing unknown actions and you would die due to your wrong behavior.  This all will happen at  50% sanity.

When a player reaches 0%, the screen will darken and which could lead to I’m telling you the 12 Best ways to improve your sanity and things (Food, worms, leeches, parasite, rash) to stay away from and to not do which could lower down it.

Do’s and Dont’s To increase Sanity in Green Hell

There are so many foods and animals in green hell but all are not good for health as few of them could cause food posing if eaten so stay aware and I have listed all of the food items to eat or not and the animals to stay away.

#1. Don’t Eat Maggots

avoid maggots as food as raw maggots decrease sanity by -5 and even cooked maggots decrease it by -2 and even the soup also causes -2 sanity. but maggots can be used to treat infected wounds and maggots can be used as bait if you are in search of protein food you could go for it but lowers your sanity.

#2. Sleep on Bed or Hammocks

Sleeping in bed increase your sanity whenever you will wake up. You can go for a Bamboo log bed, Banana leaf bed, simple log bed, and a simple leaf bed. all of the four will definitely increase your sanity.

#3. Go for shelters

Shelters are the best way to get comfortable sleep and avoid rain and gives protection too so it definitely increases your sanity after the sleep the shelters could also be used to save your game progress. You can go to a Hut shelter and Medium Bamboo Shelter.
Don’t go for a small bamboo shelter and small shelter because they can’t be used to sleep.

#4. Stay Near the Fire

Staying near the fire will increase your sanity by +2 to +3 every few minutes. Fire allows you to stay dry and cook food but doesn’t go inside the fire as it could decrease your total health.

#5. Treat Worms as Fast as you can

You could get worms when sleeping on the ground so you had to sleep on the bed listed above and even if you got worms under your skin then just treat them fast by digging it out with the help of a bone needle and fishbone then thereafter do the leaf bandage on that if you left the worm untreated the then you would get an infection and it would lose your sanity levels to maintain the level just treat it.

#6. In co-op, Mode Help your Teammates

photo: Steam community
If your teammate dies during the session then your sanity level will drain down. So just help your teammates to survive.

#7. Foods to Eat to Boost Sanity Levels

Some food would help you to increase your mental health level but don’t eat it all just go for them which I am listing below because it could reverse the effect also. all of the foods will not cause food poising.
  • Brazil nuts will increase your sanity by +2
  • Coconut flesh cooked will increase by +2
  • Monstera Deliciosa Fruit will increase by +3
  • Orange Mushroom 5 will increase by +1

#8. Foods to avoid

Some of the food would decrease the level up to -10 so stay aware of them and they could get you vomiting by food poisoning or fever.
  • Nut spoiled will decrease sanity by -2 and +2 food poising
  • Black mushroom 5 spoiled will decrease by -2 and +2 food providing
  • Psychotria will decrease the level by -10 and +4 food poising
  • Psychotria will decrease by -5 and +4 food poising
  • Guanabana fruit will decrease sanity by -2 and +3 food poising

#9. Stay away From Leeches

leeches are worm-like animals they would such your blood and each leech will decrease sanity by -1 they are small animals so you could get affected by 5 to 6 leeches at a time so just figure out them and remove them fast.

#10. Insomnia

Due to lack of sleep the player could be affected by insomnia so try to get sleep on the bed for at least 4 hours to prevent this. The maximum level of insomnia is up to six levels and try to reduce this as if the level increase energy required by player increase and simultaneously the sanity will go down to increase sanity always get a comfortable quality sleep on the higher bed over the shelter to stay protective and use fire near your bed.

#11. Don’t drink Dirty Water and Avoid Raw Food

Drinking dirt water or by dirty hand and eating raw foods will cause organisms to grow in your stomach which are called parasites and these parasites will take your nourishment which would directly affect your sanity.
It can be treated by eating Indigo blue leptonia.
it could also be treated by Guanabana fruit but the fruit affects your sanity. so only go for indigo blue leptonia.

#12. Stay Away from Brazilian Wasp and Ants

Coming in contact with Brazilian wasp and ants could cause rashes on your skin and these rashes would decrease your sanity till they are on your skin. You could use honey dressing over that to treat rashes or either they will get overcome naturally with time.
Watch the video below if still having some doubts in mind regarding sanity increment.:

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