Green Hell vs The Forest Full Detailed Comparison

The Forest Vs Green Hell: Complete Comparision

The forest and green hell both of the game has so many players all over the world. These games are still too demanding so when someone gets to search for a survival horror game then he/she confuses about which one to play. There is a detailed comparison between both of the games. Choose one of them which fully fills yours indeed.
Both games are survival, adventurous, fighting, simulator, horror, scary so if you are in search of any of the genre games them feel free to choose any of them because both the forest and green hell are full of enjoyment. They will not make you feel bored for a single second.

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There is no need for the intro of these games but a small summary of them is displayed below it will give you an idea of its gameplay and story. In both of the games, the main character is fully explained and its family is also displayed and you’ll be saving your family from danger. Search for clues figure out them and get to your family but it’s not too short in between this whole game is. There are all animals of which you think a forest can have you had to maintain your health by checking diet, sleep and wounds and infection hunt animals and eat veggies. What you do in the game just reflexes your health and the game is smooth when you are healthy it goes difficult to control the character as your health and sanity go down.

Green hell

GREEN HELL is an Open World Survival Simulator set in the strange exceptional setting of the Amazonian rainforest.
You are left alone in the wilderness with no food or hardware, attempting to endure and get yourself out. Sticking to life, the player is set on an excursion of solidness as the impacts of isolation wear weighty on the body as well as the psyche. The player had to take care of his health by checking the body for wounds and any cuts or any kind of infections. the game is full of dangerous plants and animals which could be too dangerous for your health. Just stay away from them.
On this excursion, you will not get any assistance from the rest of the world. Furnished uniquely with your uncovered hands you’ll need to learn real endurance strategies to construct covers, make instruments, and specialty weapons to chase and shield yourself.

The Forest

The Forest is an endurance frightfulness game First released in 2014 and got great attention in few days and got become one of the best survival games. The game happens on a distant, vigorously forested promontory where the player character Eric Leblanc and his child Timmy are overcomers of a plane accident.
The game highlights nonlinear interactivity in an open world climate played from a first-individual viewpoint, with no set missions or journeys, enabling the player to settle on their own choices for endurance. The game is still getting updates and the developers are making it awesome update by updates.
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Green Hell provides us realistic graphics that sometimes confuses us that “is it a game”! You will fall in love with green hell due to its extremely high graphics. While on the other hand, the forest is little beside in graphics. One of the reasons for this could be the game release year. AS green hell and the forest has about 4 years of gap in their release dates.
As we know gaming industry changes with time. The games released nowadays are damn realistic than 10 years ago.
Graphics could be the major point for gamers who had invested in their big machines for gaming only but both games are becoming best each year.


The forest story is far better than Green hell. As green hell has Straight forward story while the forest has a complicated story which much better than movies and if you love stories of the games then we would highly recommend you to go for the forest rather than green hell. Both The games’ story starts from the jungle where they found themselves isolated at the jungle,
In Green Hell, the player found himself in the rain forest and he came to know that his wife is in danger so the main story revolves around both of the couples. the payer has to survive in the rainforest and search for her wife. Her wife knows many languages and loves in studying about tribals so went to the tribal community to know about themselves but after so many days the player found it suspicious and he started searching for her but it was his bad that from the radio he came to know that his wife is in danger. you had to stay alive by taking a balanced diet and staying aware of animals.
While The Forest games story starts with the plane crash in the jungle in plane crash all passengers died while two of them survived the accident. one of them was player and his son but after the plane crash he saw his son was kidnapped by a guy.. now the player has to search for his son, During this search, he came across many clues but he always lost them. He came to know that the jungle is full of mutants that are too aggressive. the best thing about the game is that it has an ending and story based on the player which path they choose. Just do your best to survive the story is too long and mutants could be your enemies or friends the way you treat them just aware that they are too aggressive and powerful.
the forest has better endings and choice-changing stories than Green Hell. Story lovers should go for The forest game blindly.
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Both the games are almost of the same genre and you will come across the same survival tricks, but if you love realistic games, then you would love to play Green hell as the game is too detailed about crafting Things. Collecting food. There are so many useful pants to eat and unuseful too. Green hell is much detailed in the survival of what you eat how much work you did and the main you sleep. treatment against infection is necessary to do fast it could ruin your game while The forest is on both categories fiction and reality as you had to survive against animals and but there are some fictional creatures too which are too dangerous for you.
The forest is on the fictional side while green hell is on the realistic side.


Both games have great controls and give the option to customize your settings. Both games provide manuals to do things but as green hell is much realistic it has more details so it could be good or bad for the users as it could be hard to get knowledge about how to craft things as each one has full details and too many conditions of gettings something wrong.
But controls and detailing wise green hell is a bit better than Forrest.


Green Hell and The Forest both games have a great different type of fan base and great on their own place while in some places one exceeds and in some it get defeated but both games have a multiplayer function which allows playing with friends and if loves to play single and want a great story then go for The forest and love survival with friends the play Green Hell multiplayer mod as it is difficult to stay safe in green hell and team member loss will affect your health sanity directly.


The Forest and green hell both games had a rating of 9/10 in steam while according to google users’ rating of the forest is 96% while green hell acquires a rating of 95%.
But this not a big deal as both the games have similar ratings.


both games get updates till now and There would love to hear from you if you had any problem about playing the game like glitch and bugs but these games becoming better and better with updates and new things are adding in them. some of the players are playing these games 3-4 times after full completion as it gives them the feeling of open-world nature feeling.
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Pros and cons

Both games have a few pros and cons but it could not be a big issue for those who love pros one, because both have only one issue that is saving you’ll be frustrated if get completed difficult mission and thereafter an animal hunts down you and no progression is saved. to save the game you should make or find a shelter.
Green hell
  • Great Graphics
  • Better Detailing
  • Huge forest
  • Best co-op mode
  • Story not being so good
  • No automatic save options

The Forest

  • Great Story
  • Multiplayer mod
  • Best Single Player experience
  • Fictional characters like mutants
  • Choice-based gameplay
  • 2 Endings
  • No automatic save option available
  • Detailing is a little bit less than Green Hell


Both Games are Great and choosing one of them is too difficult. But the comparison between their graphics, Controls, Gameplay, Settings, Multiplayer mods details you could easily select one of them for you. I would say that both games are best at their place it’s up to you which is much interesting for you. Watching gameplay and paying have a different experience so ty to play both of them once would make it more clear.
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