Hood Outlaws and Legends Best Controller Settings

hood outlaws and legends controller setting

Hood outlaws and legends had launched a few days ago and players are too much confused about its settings.so, there we have beginners to pro controller settings for ps5, PC, laptop,ps4, Xbox players.
The main thing to focus on in the settings is the sensitivity, controls, and brightness as the game is too much dark moded.
Before you play the game just configure few controller settings and make a game-changer experience in the hood outlaws and legends.
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Gameplay Settings

Language Your Preference
Invert X-axis OFF
Invert Y-axis OFF
X-axis Sensitivity 10
Y-axis Sensitivity 10
Aim Input HOLD
Lock-on Input HOLD
Sprint Input TOGGLE
Crouch Input TOGGLE
Screen shake OFF
Vibration OFF
Rotate minimap ON
Cross-Play Matchmaking ON

Prot tip:

Keep both sensitivity x and y-axis maximum. till now the maximum sensitivity is 10 but in a future update, it could be upgraded. So try to make it max as sensitivity could game-changer in aiming targets.

Always try to keep the screen shake and vibration both off in these games because in these games screen shake could make your aiming difficult.so, always keep the vibration and screen shake off if you are focusing on gameplay, not on game visuals.


Sprint L3
Crouch R3
Assassinate Square
Ability triangle
Cancel /Block / Evade L1
Primary Interact X
Comms Circle
Aim / Lock On L2
Heavy Attack R2
Light Attack / Fire /Rapid Wich R1
Expand Minimap Left Directional Key

Pto tip:

Control settings could be different from person to person as it all depends on your controller handling but the most favorable settings are configured above.
Try to keep the heavy attack on your most used gesture and easy-to-use gestures on sprint, crouch, assassinate, and ability.


Master Volume 100
Music Volume 0
Voice Volume 100
SFX Volume 100
Voice Chat ON
Voice Chat Volume 100
Microphone Volume 100
Mute Players NONE

Pro tip:

Keep all the volume to the max and keep music volume to a minimum as it would make it difficult to get the voice of the enemy And guard’s feet.
Mute the only teammates which are not playing well and are too much frustrating.
Voice chat with the teammates made smooth and perfect gameplay as it makes it easy to tell them about enemies and they could be helpful to each other. Try to play with teammates as each character has a unique ability and is required to complete the game.


Brightness calibration


Pro tip:

The game is too dark and even its map is also too dark so it is difficult to distinguish enemies in bushes so make the brightness level 60+ as per your monitor/screen.

Few FAQ about hood outlaws and legends settings

How to play hood outlaws and legends on PC/laptop?

For the ps5 user, it would be easy to play the game but for pc users, you had to install x360ce and then connect the gamepad to the pc/ laptop and configure settings and play the game.

The best character to choose in hood outlaws and legends?

Every character has different abilities you would have multiple choices multiple perks to choose from. The more you play the perks you are going to unlock.
Every Character has unique items like having different types of grenades.
Don’t forget to share these settings with your buddy!