House Party: Ultimate Walkthrough for Total Victory!

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Playing the Latest Update [v1.2.2] of House Party. Don’t Worry I got your back.

  • 16th August 2023 Published 100% Completed Walkthrough of House Party v1.2.2
  • 15th August 2023 Completed House Party Walkthrough
  • 7th August 2023 Started Writing the House Party Walkthrough

Hey fellow gamers, it’s your full-time gaming enthusiast here to guide you through the rollercoaster ride that is “House Party.” I’ve strapped on my gamer hat and tested these levels myself, so let’s dive in, kick back, and conquer this game with style!

Madison’s Path: Sibling Secrets

As you enter the party, seek out Frank to unlock a chat with Madison.
Choose “I’d like to get to know you better” > Ask for the bathroom > Gossip about Frank for friendship points.
Connect with Ashley:

  1. “You’re Madison’s sister? Never would have guessed.”
  2. “I saw Frank checking you out.”
  3. “What’s the deal with you and Madison?”
  4. Find the mysterious key left of the fireplace.
  5. In the garage, grab the bathroom key from the left shelf.
  6. Head upstairs to the Master Bedroom.
  7. Search the bathroom for Madison’s phone.
  8. Talk to Brittney in the room next door and grab the piece of paper.
  9. In the Master Bedroom, find the gastronomy book on a table with a mirror.
  10. Combine the paper with the pencil, decode Madison’s safe passcode.

You are Almost There! I also believe the missions are too complicated but its necessary to make the story engaging. Right?

  1. Retrieve Madison’s diary from the closet while she’s away.
  2. Chat with Madison about Brittney, then return her phone.
  3. Prank Ashley with Madison’s diary when alone.
  4. Help Ashley and establish trust by washing her clothes.
  5. Offer a soda to Ashley; also grab the eye drops.
  6. Lock the downstairs bathroom, then upstairs the Master Bedroom bathroom.
  7. Block the bathroom beside Ashley’s room.
  8. Make Ashley sick and enjoy the chaos.
  9. Confront Madison for your reward.

Pro Tip: Follow the human touch, be a friend, and choose dialogue wisely for that personal connection!

Madison’s Blackmail Path: A Twist in the Tale

  1. Trigger the Madison Blackmail by giving her diary to Ashley.
  2. Obtain Ashley’s cooperation by comparing her to Madison.
  3. Give Madison’s phone to Ashley for prank potential.
  4. Collect the phone passcode from Ashley.
  5. Access Madison’s phone to collect blackmail material.
  6. Confront Madison with the photos and trigger the blackmail path.
  7. Lead Madison to the Master Bedroom and lock the door.
  8. Unlock your reward with an air of mystery.

Pro Tip: Step into the intrigue of blackmail, but be prepared for unexpected consequences!

Ashley’s Reward Path: The Sweet Route

  1. Follow Madison’s steps, but focus on Ashley’s trust.
  2. Wash Ashley’s clothes, give her a soda, and build rapport.
  3. Offer Madison’s diary to Ashley for her cooperation.
  4. Complete her reward path by assisting with her clothes and more.

Pro Tip: Be a supportive friend, build trust, and enjoy the sweet rewards of companionship!

Katherine’s Quest: Unleash Your Inner Spy

Connect with Stephanie, find the mysterious key near the fireplace.
Chat up Katherine:

  1. “We use things out of their intended purpose.”
  2. “I noticed you looking at your phone.”
  3. “Who would ever be a jerk to you?”
  4. Talk to Frank about Katherine and offer to guard alcohol.
  5. Convince Katherine that Frank fancies her.
  6. Retrieve the SD card from Brittney’s room and combine it with the camera.
  7. Sneak Katherine into the garage, snap her topless photo.
  8. Secure the photograph from Frank’s alcohol stash.
  9. Lure Katherine with a tempting drink and a bold request.
  10. Acquire the photo, interact with the characters, and win your reward.

Pro Tip: Unveil your inner James Bond, build connections, and navigate the intriguing web of secrets!

Rachel’s Road: A Dance of Deception

  1. Introduce yourself to Madison and Rachel.
  2. Ask Rachel if she’s having a good time, mention talking to Frank.
  3. Grab bottles of alcohol, including the secret ones.
  4. Secure speakers from Stephanie’s room for more alcohol.
  5. Prepare Irish coffee with wine for Patrick’s recovery.
  6. Retrieve Patrick’s phone from Brittney and approach Rachel.
  7. Acquire Vickie’s number and watch Rachel dance.
  8. Manipulate text messages to orchestrate your plan.
  9. Participate in revealing moments and claim your victory.

Pro Tip: Dance between deceit and fun, and master the art of controlling situations to your advantage!

Leah’s Adventure: A Dance Beyond Limits

  1. Engage with Leah and Frank for your adventure.
  2. Connect with Rachel, offer to talk to Frank, and make her feel comfortable.
  3. Obtain a blue flower and flirt with Ashley.
  4. Express your feelings to Ashley and embark on a daring journey.
  5. Compliment Leah and take the plunge into exhilarating revelations.
  6. Participate in a secret endeavour and relish your ultimate reward.

Pro Tip: Embrace your daring side, build connections, and unravel the unexpected!

Conclusion: Game Master Achieved!

Congratulations, fellow gamers, you’ve journeyed through the world of “House Party”.

You are not the only one playing this Unbeatable game. I’m right here by your side, ready to offer support and guidance. If you happen to stumble upon any errors or challenges along the way, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Together, we’ve got this! 🎮👾

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