Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 21 English Manhwa and Raw Scan

Hyeonjung’s Residence Manhwa Info

  • Manhwa
  • Also Known By Names: Hyeonjung’s Residence/ 현정의 저택
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Author: N/A
  • Artists: N/A
  • Release Year: 2022
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 20 in Raw and 20 Eng. Translated
  • Rating: 9.6/10 By 35k Genius

Hyeonjung’s Residence Webtoon Synopsis

“Hyeonjung’s Residence” is a captivating manhwa that follows the life of Junbae, a young man who fulfills his dream of becoming a chauffeur driving luxurious foreign cars. 

As he starts working at the Hyeonjung Residence, a magnificent mansion where the wealthy Hyeonjung family resides, he gets to know the daughters of the family and the female employees who work inside the estate.

At first, Junbae is hesitant to interact with the residents of the mansion, but as he spends more time with them, he begins to develop strong relationships with each of them. 

He becomes friends with the kind and charming daughters of the family, who have unique personalities and interests. One daughter, in particular, catches Junbae’s attention, and he finds himself drawn to her.

As Junbae continues to work at the Hyeonjung Residence, he also builds connections with the female employees who work there. 

He quickly becomes close with the head housekeeper, who takes him under her wing and teaches him the ins and outs of working at the mansion. He also befriends the other staff members, including the cook and the maids.

Throughout the manhwa, Junbae navigates the complexities of his relationships with the residents and employees of the Hyeonjung Residence. 

He must balance his duties as a chauffeur with his desire to get to know the people around him better. As he spends more time with them, he learns about their struggles and their pasts, and he begins to see them as more than just his employers or colleagues.

Overall, “Hyeonjung’s Residence” is a heartwarming story about the connections we make with those around us. 

It highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in building strong relationships, even across social and economic divides. With its engaging characters and compelling storyline, it is sure to captivate readers from start to finish.

Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 20 Recap

Really the chapter was thrilling. Yes! there is a bit of a change of genre of the manhwa but it was worth it.

Hyeonjung’s Residence is getting more interesting so far now there is no need to end the Manga Series,

Things are starting to get more intense and meaningful.

It makes him feel that time could be bad but hard work will make it happen soon.

This chapter has nothing more to explain, it’s just a push to the story from the previous chapter.

In chapter 20 all three enjoy the vacation a lot and the story is getting more intense.

However, the webtoon still misses a slice of life and school life in these chapters but the change in genre for specific chapters was worth it.

Chapter 20 of Hyeonjung’s Residence was epic since they built up a magnificent plot from beginning to end.

Chapter 19 and chapter 20 showed many things but didn’t get to a conclusion and led to the upcoming chapters of “Hyeonjung’s Residence”.

Chapter 21 might be a turning point for the upcoming chapters of the webtoon.

Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 21 Raw Manhwa

Both English and raw chapters of manhwa Hyeonjung’s Residence will be released at the same time.

Well, it is a piece of good news as there will be no spoilers to ruin the upcoming chapter’s storyline.

Raw Chapter 21 is queued to release.

Chapter 21 raw is Serialised to release Somewhere Next Week.

Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 21 English release Date

As we all know, both the raw and English chapters are Sterilised to be released on the same day.

A total of 20 chapters have been dropped so far.

The author has still yet to confirm the release date of the next chapter, but the upload rates of the previous chapters disclose that it will Drop Somewhere Next Week.

There might be a surprise from the author’s side by uploading two Chapters at the same time.

So, For Now, it is expected that Hyeonjung’s Residence Chapter 21 will drop Somewhere Next Week.

Any updates regarding this will be updated as soon as possible.

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