Hypnomancer Chapter 25 English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa

Hypnomancer Manhwa Info

  • Manhwa
  • Also Known By Names: Hypnomancer
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Author: Zan
  • Artists: Zan
  • Release Year: 2022
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Chapters: 24 in Raw and 24 Eng. Translated
  • Rating: 9.5/10 By 9.8k Genius

Hypnomancer Webtoon Synopsis

Jeong-Tae oh (Main Character of Webtoon Hypnomancer) is the head director of Jeong-Tae oh hypnosis shop on the 6th floor.

He started his own medical therapy place and named it after his name “Jeong-Tae Hypnosis” but it seems to him an unsuccessful business because so far he has acquired zero clients and is not able to pay his manager.

There is no motivation in his life to go to his office so moved late to it and while he was on the lift to his floor. He hears the sound of someone saying”wait..!”

He stopped the Elevator and it was no one other than Dr. Kim on the 5th floor.

On the 5th floor of the same building, there is the office of Dr. Na-Yeong Kim. her business shop is based on Dermatology and is Named “Dermatologist Na-Yeong Kim”

Rather than Thanking Jeong, Dr. Kim Scolded him but Jeong stays quiet in respect of her.

As soon as she left Jeong decided to not help her in the future because of her behavior towards him.

Thinking about this he moved to his office and asked the manager he any appointment has been made.

But as usual, no appointments were made so far and the fact is that only one call has been made to his office since he had the business and that was for a loan.

Skipping this, The counter manager asked for her last month’s payment and Depressed Jeong said he would pay her by afternoon today.

His current circumstances would be difficult to pay his manager but as soon as he would think of any loan a client came up from nowhere and asked for therapy.

Jeong was too happy to attend to his first Client. As soon as he came to know about the client’s problem he was too scared to solve it as it is too long since he had any case like this but to pretend like normal.

He said it’s a common problem and he had solved similar cases before too.

He started the therapy.

While the therapy was going on his phone ringed and he got angered over his friend calling him during working hours.

his friend conveyed the message that all his college friends are planning a college reunion but Jeong refused until his friend told him that his college love will be also joining them.

Later on, he joined his college reunion party and was happy to figure out his old friends and their cool professions.

HYPNOMANCER Manhwa is also known as (AKA) “HYPNOMANCER”. This ongoing webtoon was released on 2022. The story was written by Zan and illustrations by Zan. HYPNOMANCER webtoon is about Drama, a Comedy story.

The webtoon is going to be fantastic, with many ups and downs in Jeong’s life.

Hypnomancer Chapter 24 Recap

Hye-Su and Jeong had a date, It is Jeong’s first date

they had Vr experience, a Claw machine, and a Coin Karaoke Date.

After that all fun to relax they played a board game while eating snacks.

She goes and figured out a new game which was like doing what is written on the slips. the game gets more and more interesting.

The chapter ends but the game is still on and the conclusion of the winner of the game is still to be predicted in the upcoming chapters of Hypnomancer.

However, webtoon still misses a little bit of comedy in these chapters but the change in genre for specific chapters was worth it.

Chapter 24 of Hypnomancer was epic since they built up a magnificent plot from beginning to end.

Chapter 23 and chapter 24 showed many things but didn’t gets to a conclusion and made a lead to upcoming chapters of “Hypnomancer”.

Chapter 25 might be a turning point for the upcoming chapters of the webtoon.

Hypnomancer Chapter 25 Raw Manhwa

Both English and raw chapters of manhwa Hypnomancer will be released at the same time.

Well, it is a piece of good news as there will be no spoilers to ruin the upcoming chapter’s storyline.

The last chapter dropped on August 9th i.e chapter 24.

Raw Chapter 25 is queued to release.

Chapter 25 raw is Serialised to release on 18th August 2022.

Hypnomancer Chapter 25 English Release Date

As we all know, both the raw and English chapters are Serilied to be released on the same day.

A total of 24 chapters have been dropped so far.

The author has still yet to confirm the release date of the next chapter, but the upload rates of the previous chapters disclose that it will be on August 18th, 2022.

There might be a surprise from the author’s side by uploading two Chapters at the same time.

So, For Now, it is expected that Hypnomancer Chapter 25 will drop on 18th August 2022.

Release time 12 am PST.

Any updates regarding this will be updated as soon as possible.

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