Learning The Hard Way Chapter 92 English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa

Learning The Hard Way Manhwa Info

  • Manhwa
  • Also Known By Names: Iljinnyeo Tutoring / 일진녀 과외하기/ Learning The Hard Way
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Author: over.J
  • Artists: Choi Taeyoung
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Status: Ended at Chapter 57, Ongoing After Story.
  • Chapters: 91 in Raw and 91 Eng. Translated
  • Rating: 9.4/10 By 26k Genius

Learning The Hard Way Webtoon Synopsis

Jinhoo Just entered High School, He is in the Top Tier university Named S university.

It was The fresher’s party day but unfortunately, he can’t attend it because he has to teach tuition to a new student.

To manage expenses along with studies Jinhoo does a part-time teaching job.

While Jinhoo’s Classmates were trying to change his decision at the freshers’ party there enters a girl named Yoobin (She is also Jinhoo’s Classmate).

Yoobin offered coffee to him and also asked him to tutor her also. While The Main character is unable to talk to girls because of his old memories.

In his previous School, Jinhoo was Bullied badly by girls and bitten up so much that till now he is unable to overcome the fear of girls.

While it was his Grades that help him to get into this good college. While the main character was trying to forget the past another big incident held.

After a couple of hours, Jinhoo reached the house where he would be teaching tuition. However there he came to know that the person he would be teaching is a girl.

This information made him tremble as for now he has only taught boys.

Things get more depressing when he met the girl. The girl is the one who used to bully him at school time.

But now Jinhoo treated him with an attitude as if he had got admission to S University. The girl was too shocked that how Jinhoo made it to that big University.

Well, we all know Jinhoo Studied too hard to get into the university.

But later on, she showed him his old picture and again started bullying him.

Now there was no choice for the main character to do. He has to follow the instructions of the girl and it was quite okay for him. because she was rich enough that she would pay his tuition fees well.

Jinhoo’s done his best to put his past as a complete loser behind him

The girl is no one but Yejin.

Learning The Hard Way Manhwa is also known as (AKA) “Iljinnyeo Tutoring / 일진녀 과외하기”. This Completed webtoon was released in 2020. The story was written by over. J and illustrations by Choi Taeyoung. Learning The Hard Way webtoon is about Drama, Romance stories.

The webtoon is going to be fantastic, with many ups and downs in JinHoo’s life.

Learning The Hard Way Chapter 91 Recap

The Story is getting more and more interesting and Dramatic as it grows.

As we all know the webtoon is already completed by the release of chapter 57,

These chapters are post-story chapters.

Upcoming chapters of the webtoon might introduce new characters to life, to keep the drama of the manhwa ongoing.

Chapter 91 of Learning The Hard Way was epic since it built up a magnificent plot from beginning to end.

Chapter 91 showed many things but didn’t gets to a conclusion and made led to upcoming chapters of “Learning The Hard Way”.

Learning The Hard Way Chapter 92 Raw Manhwa

So far 91 raw chapters are released of Learning The Hard Way.

Both English and raw chapters of manhwa Learning The Hard Way are released on the same day.

Well, it is good news as there will be no spoilers to ruin the upcoming chapter’s storyline.

Chapter 92 Raw is queued to release.

Chapter 92 raw is Serialised to release Somewhere Next Week.

Learning The Hard Way Chapter 92 English Translated Release Date

As we all know, Chapter 91 Raw and English-translated chapters are already released.

there is only a wait for Chapter 92 raw to be released and afterward, chapter 92 to be translated into the English language. Which would not take too long to happen (mostly will be done in a single day).

A total of 91 chapters have been dropped so far.

The author has still yet to confirm the release date of the next chapter, but the upload rates of the previous chapters disclose that it will drop Somewhere Next Week.

There might be a surprise from the author’s side by uploading two Chapters at the same time.

So, For Now, it is expected that Learning The Hard Way Chapter 92 will drop Somewhere Next Week.

Any updates regarding this will be updated as soon as possible.

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