Monster Hunter Chapter 16: Spoiler,Release Date & Read Manga Online

Monster Hunter is a supernatural action drama fantasy Manga series. The release date of Chapter 16 is confirmed!

On the 1st of February 2022, Monster Hunter released Chapter 15 in Korean and English.

The series has been running since November 31, 2021.

However, the manga became so popular within a few months that everyone is looking forward to the next chapter, Monster Hunter Chapter 16.

Gyunam is Monster Hunter’s artist and has done a fantastic job on the manga.

Here is everything we know far about the Monster Hunter Chapter 16.

Lizard Tail, an amazing youngster who seeks vengeance against the Monster that has taken everything from him, was the protagonist of the manga.

For the Monster’s survival, he was kept as food. This angered the child, and he planned to seek revenge.

Unfortunately, Lizard Tail is a human, and humans can’t beat monsters, thus a monster hunter appears in the middle.

Monster Hunter Chapter 15 Recap

Chapter 15 picks off where they left off, with them wanting to know about other Monsters’ locations.

They inquired about the location of Monsters, but Nova made them laugh and enraged them by stating that he would never provide this information.

Suyora then went into action with 5th level Possession and blood, attempting to figure out their base.

Suyora checked each and every spot with blood to figure out the monster’s base location.

Finally, he figured out where the monsters are.

But after getting Blood Clue, Monsters decided to wait for the Monster Hunters to arrive so they could show off what monsters are capable of.

When monster hunters arrived at the base, they were surprised to find their monster Head NOVA sitting politely and none of the monsters moving,

Despite the fact that some of the monsters had been killed.

Later on, humans find out that monster hunters are there to help them and then monsters got orders to feed on Humans.

Monster hunter tries to save humans, and the chapter ends with a large battle that will be continued in Chapter 16th.

Monster Hunter Chapter 16 Spoiler!

As seen in Chapter 15, the Monster Hunters discover the Monsters’ base of operations and are willing to kill the Monsters in order to save humans.

But eventually, all monsters attacked the prisoned Humans and the whole monster hunter team seem to try to save them.

We may expect a terrific face-to-face battle between hunters and monsters, with monsters running away after taking too much damage, finding a new hiding location, and teaming up again to assault the hunters.

When Chapter 16 is officially released, we shall learn more about what might happen.

Where to Read Monster Hunter Chapter 16

There is a long list of unofficial websites dedicated to Monster Hunter, however, we advise against using them because they may include incorrect information or contain various viruses.

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Visit the official website of Monster Hunter. Good News is That Every chapter is free.

Monster Hunter Chapter 16 Release Date

The release date for Monster Hunter Chapter 16 has not yet been confirmed.

However for Now it is expected to release on 11th February 2022.

Release time would be

  • 12:00 am PST
  • 8:00 am UTC
  • 3:00 am EST

If any information on the upcoming 16th chapter is received from officials, it will be posted simultaneously.