My Time at Portia: 12 Best Mods of all Time

My Time at Portia is a role-playing video game available on almost all popular platforms.

I myself love to lay My time at Portia and I did try a few mods to make it more fun.

So, I figured out some best 12 Mods for My Time At Portia.

My Time at Portia Mods

My Time at Portia has many Mods few of them are worthy to play at least once.

Before downloading any mods we must have to prefer to see their compatibility that will they work with my version of My Time at Portia or not.

The Best and the latest Mods about which I am going to talk about in detail are

  • Your Game Your Settings
  • Add More Items to Shop
  • Multiple Romances
  • Longer Days
  • Infinite Levels
  • Instant Actions
  • Advanced Graphics Option
  • Treasure Reveled Mod
  • JustSomeCheatMods
  • Socialize
  • Remove Stack Limit
  • Custom Textures

If you are in a hurry and just want the name of the Mods then the above list has the Mods that I have covered.

#12 Your Game Your Settings

Your Game Your Settings via-Nexusmods/romkacg

As the mod name suggests Your Game Your Settings, Mod allows users to set settings for Scanner to detect range, Experience Gain, Crafting Speed, Stamina/HP regeneration. This mod is not that fancy but is found much useful to gamers to set their own settings and play as they want.

This Mod makes things too easy that you can craft in no time and stamina gets full too fast.

#11 Add More Items To Shop

via- Nexusmods/lu5ck

Add More Items To Shop is the latest Mod and The reason behind Choosing this mod is that while playing My Time at Portia in between we need a lot of things like cosmetics and many more, Here this mod helps out

It has what you want for your house in-game a furniture or a lamp anything you were in search of and were stuck this mod will definitely help you.

#10 Multiple Romances

via- Nexusmods/aedenthorn

I don’t know why I am listing this mod but a lot of players are always confused about what they should do to remove jealousy from non-playable characters.

Without mod multiple Romances you cant marry 2 NPC at a time but with mod, you can remove jealousy for all NPC girls and romance or marry them.

#9 Longer Days

Via- Nexusmods/catriddled

This mod is seriously too helpful, as this mod helps us to take control overtime in the game. There are a few parts of the game in My Time at Portia which we feel pass out too fast or and which could be done with The Mod Longer days.

My time at Portia often provide us to manage the time but that has restrictions like the game has 50% slower days but with it makes all work fine easier.

#8 Infinite Levels

via- Nexusmods/aedenthorn

This mod allows the gamer/player to get a level to infinity. Without Infinity levels mod it is impossible to reach max level.

Whenever each level is cleared the player earns a skill point that can be spent to maximize activities like health, stamina, fighting, Social activities.

But when you reach max level i.e 99 then thereafter for each level increment you will gain 21Max HP + 1 Defense + 1 Skill Point + 2 Attack.

#7 Instant Actions

via- Nexusmods/aedenthorn

Tired of playing the same day-to-day work in-game and want to instantaneously speed up the work then, Instant Action mod best fits in this work.

This mod allows to instantaneously speed up Animations, events, and many more.

You can speed up animations of Pet petting, Planting, Axe, Cuddling, Throwing actions.

Even you can speed up Tree Kicking, Animal Petting, Dialog text, Fertilizing, Cooking, and many repeated actions in the game.

#6 Advanced Graphics Options

via- Nexusmods/catriddled

If you are tired of games Graphics and want some custom graphics settings then you must use this mod.

Advanced Graphics Options is a setting mod that allows players to set graphics according to them and their system requirements.

This mod gives fully transparent control to your game’s graphics.

#5 Treasure Revealed Mod

via- Nexusmods/aedenthorn

We have seen many mods in many games but the real gamer is always in search of This type of mod.

Treasure Revealed mod by aedenthorn allows players to scan and find out treasures nearby.

Even tho you can change the Mod limit to scan to a higher range.

Many gamers found this useful when bored in finding out treasures.

#4 JustSomeCheatMods

via- Nexusmods/zeraphimaZekerasy4

JustSomeCheatMods is a breakthrough in the My Time at Portia mods list.

This mod has multiple things so don’t even think to refuse the mod.

Eyes are tired of getting Skill Points, Plant Growth, Farming, Fertilizing, Fishing, Pet and Item Stack Then don’t worry just go through the mod and this will be done in Seconds.

#3 Socialize

via- Nexusmods/lasurDragon

Socialize Helps in managing typical relationships in-game at one place.

This will help in selecting gifts and will remind the preferences of that in each character’s social tab.

Mod helps and tells us before buying about gifts that will increase relationship or will danger your relationship in-game.

#2 Remove Stack Limit

Remove Stack Limit is much similar to JustSomeCheatMods.

JustSomeCheatMods provide ample things to do in the game where the Remove Stack limit is only specialized in Removing Stack Limit.

If any gamer is searching for the mod which removes the stack limit then this is for him.

#1 Custom Textures

via- Nexusmods/aedenthorn

In games, the most focused thing is the game’s character and environment in the game.

After hours of gameplay, we want to customize the character which Custom Textures Mod gives us a right.

With this mod you can change the Texture of NPC’s and DLC characters, That is more than anything.

As much we involve in the game we get to know about the Non-Playable Characters and we want to edit them and this is what we can do with the mod.


These were the few mods of My time at Portia which will obviously help you a lot while playing games.

Some games are well compatible with mods like Never Winter Nights enhanced edition.

Modding helps the game maintains their Fun and we gamers can stick to it for longer so we always Appreciate Mods.