No Man’s Sky Mineral Extractor: how to construct?

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How to construct Mineral Extractor in No Man’s Sky?

No mans sky how to get mineral extractor

Firstly, A short information regarding what a mineral extractor is, So, Mineral extractor is a base constructing project that can be used to obtain minerals.

To build a Mineral extractor :

We need Blue Print and below-written ingredients.


For Blueprint can be obtained from the Construction Research Sation abroad the Space Anomaly, costing 10 salvaged data to unlock.

METAL PLATING -You will need 5 Metal Plating.

CHROMATIC METAL – You will need 100 Chromatic Metal.

Points to keep in mind: extraction of metal depends on planet and place and each extractor can store about 250 units of minerals and mineral building continues even if the game is not working.

Now, Important process to Obtain ingredients for Constructing Mineral Extractor in No Man’s Sky:


Metal Plating is a lightweight metal and is mainly used in constructing work, It can be crafted from ferrite Dust.

And  to build this you will need 

50 * FERRITE DUST and After processing you will get Metal Plating.



This is a metal alloy, which is obtained from refiner using stellar metals, which are Copper, Cadium, Emeril, and Indium

An Important point to note is The rarest the stellar Metal more will be Chromatic Metal produced.

You can get 30 -50 Chromatic metal per destroyed ship by drops from destroyed Pirate ships and NPC ships.

You can purchase this metal from Galactic trade Terminals.

You can obtain 200-250 chromatic metal per pod destroyed from freighter Cargo pods or accompanying free-floating Cargo Pods.

You can also get 256 chromatic metals by rescuing freighters from Pirates.