Perfect Surgeon Chapter 27 Release Date and Time

One of my favourite Manhwa Perfect Surgeon is getting better in every upcoming chapters. The story of the manhwa is being always proving me wrong and at the end of every chapter it brings an urge to wait for the next Chapter.

I have a good news for the fans waiting for the chapter 27.

Perfect Surgeon Manhwa Info

  • Author : KyungSeok
  • Artist : MoiDal
  • Genre : Slice of Life , Drama
  • Release : 2022
  • Status : Ongoing

Perfect Surgeon Summary

His father was said to have died in a car accident while he was a child. But it was ‘Medical Negligence’ that caused his death.
His ambition has been to become a “Perfect Doctor” who would never deny or abuse a patient since then.

Reality, though, was cruel.

His mother had an incurable ailment that required a large sum of money to treat. He resigned his university hospital internship and went into business for himself as a dematologist.

A state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, ‘A.I. – Ronnie,’ appeared to him while he was stopped in his tracks owing to the harshness of reality.

As a result, his quest to become a perfect doctor began all over again.

Chapter 25 and 26 Recap

Perfect Surgeon Chapter 27 Release Date

Perfect Surgeon chapter 26 Release date is yet to confirm however it is predicted to be out on 10th May 2022 according to the previous chapter release dates.

Timing Will be 12 Pm PST.

Any update Regarding the Release of any further chapters of the Series will be updated at geniodatos only.