Popular Korean Drama on Viki

I think this is absolutely right that once you started watching Korean drama, there is no going back. As the craze of Korean drama is increasing, the number of Korean dramas are also increasing but not all of them are with good stories, so I am here with some popular Korean dramas that are having a great story because obviously, you don’t want to spend your time and efforts on a bad story, I will be telling you the storyline of the show so that it becomes easy for you to decide your show according to your genre. As everyone has different choices like some people like comedy, romance and some enjoy mystery and suspense, some prefer horror. Let’s begin. enjoy reading.

Before going to the list of popular Korean Drama. The first query would be, where you can watch these Korean Drama for free.

App to watch Korean Drama for free

I’ll prefer using the Viki app there are many reasons for choosing Viki app,
First, the most important thing is it is safe.
You can find your favourite Korean shows easily on this app for free
Easy to use the app.
I have used it, and find it easy to use.
Video quality is also decent and nice but you can’t adjust video quality on the Viki app.
English Subtitles are provided and are enjoyable.

Popular Korean Drama on Viki 


The story will begin with two lawyers which can do anything to win their case. These are on the main lead of the show. They are creating a love and hate relationship. Each and every scene will attract your attention. The male lead is wrapped with ego, he is confident About his abilities, whereas the female lead is struggling Hyena and uses her survival instinct and can do anything for success and money. It is a mixture of love, aggressive, hate, rivalry and many more adding flavours to it.


This is a thriller drama as thriller drama are always in everybody’s list because of there suspense which involves the Audience to solve the mystery and make us curious to know, what happens next. There are many plot twists which makes it more interesting. The story begins with the detective of police having the power to read the minds of people. The story revolves around a detective who is having an. the exceptional skill of solving cases he is a little bit aggressive   He is assigned a task of solving a murder mystery.he get a partner who is genius crime profiler, during solving the case their personal life dark truth reopens and their trouble past arises Again. The drama is interesting and makes you curious about the next episode.

Hi bye mama

This is something more than a usual drama story is really creative. It can make you cry because of its unconditional love. The story begins with a family consisting of a wife, husband And A daughter. Then happens an Accident and the mother has no choice and has to leave his daughter and husband. But she can’t leave her family like this and have guilt and she becomes a ghost, She is always near her family but nobody can see her neither she can touch them.  She gets another chance to live with her family as a part of real-world but now she is not welcomed anymore because his husband married another woman and her daughter doesn’t recognise her. A twist arises when she found that her daughter has a special power to see a ghost. The plot is really interesting and you’ll find a lovely drama.

Itaewon Class 

This story is something more than a revenge story. It raises small but important issues serious friendship, the importance of accepting diversity, second chance, taking the side of right and rising again after a failure. Each character is perfect. This drama revolves around the dam bam’s cafe staff are the perfect mix. The main lead wants to open a pub and his love of her life is working for his greatest rivals and entry of strong social media influencer makes a love triangle. This whole drama will make you understand that you can easily achieve success with the right people around you.

Dr.Romantic 2

This is the second part of Dr.Romantic which is one of the most popular Korean Drama of 2016. After viewing this drama, you’ll find out how hard it is to bear the responsibility of the Doctor. He comes across a surgeon, whom he was looking for. This Korean drama shows both sides of humanity. Unpredictable twists And the amazing story will keep you curious about the next part. You’ll see secretive to problematic doctors. stories of their patients, corruption.

The world  of Married

The story revolves around a family medicine doctor. As the name of the drama suggests, it’s a story of a marriage. As everyone’s dreams of a perfect married life. Family Medicine doctors feel that she has the most perfect life as she is having a successful career and complete family. But her world comes to crashing when she found out that her husband has an affair with another woman. Each and every scene will be Attracting your attention. It is a full package of drama. You’ll feel addicted to the drama.

Crash Landing On You

This is I think everyone’s favourite genre that’s Romantic drama besides romantic drama this also shows a cute friendship, sacrifice and strong bonds. The story begins with an unfortunate event, that’s a Tornado lands on a south  Korea Chaebol heiress during a paragliding test. She also runs a successful beauty company. She crashes lands onto a handsome captain of South Korea Police Force and the love story begins.

Hospital Playlist

This is a story of five friends, who know each other since there medical school. what makes the story different is besides there main career as a doctor they love music and have their own band that’s doctor band. The story will make you understand that instead of complaining about there busy lives they enjoy it by doing something which they love. You’ll be having a complete package of drama and relationships. You’ll find many different stories of each character which makes it more interesting.

Doctor Stranger

The story begins with a Successful doctor and later his son, who’s the main lead of the drama also becomes a well-trained doctor.later because of some dramatic twist because of bad politics takes him to the other place where he has to escape with his beloved but plan fails. He looses her beloved and tries to hide in South Korea working As low profile doctor, he often helps his friends with oddball jobs but this helping nature gets him into trouble, where he feels that he should someone medically who’s in need. each character is adding flavours to the show.

Sly single Again 

The story is about a couple, who got divorced because of misunderstandings. After a rehearsal when the female leads searched for a job and coincidence takes her to her husband company. When they were married they weren’t rich but now his ex-husband company is among big companies and she is still poor. You’ll how to again blossoms in the life of a divorced couple who had to spend many cute moment’s together. You’ll find many emotions like jealously, protectiveness, care with romantic comedy.

Girl’s love story

This is a comedy mixed with romance. If you like light stories then this one is for you. All four girls fall in love with the same boy. You’ll see hate and love relationships, tensions between the girls searching the boy twin. It is quite hilarious.

Go Ho’s Starry Night

This is a kind of office love story.
The female lead is cute and works under a handsome but arrogant And strict boss. He really likes her but fails to express and his non-expressive character leads to disappointing of female lead.you’ll find the boss caring And protective and you’ll definitely love the jealousy, which he feels because of all the boys, who like her. This makes the drama little hilarious and a female leading having so many good choices makes it cooler. This is a drama where the female lead is showered by lots of attention.

Few more Popular Korean Dramas are:

  1. What’s wrong with secretary Kim
  2. Strong Girl do bong-soon
  3. While you we’re sleeping
  4. Fight for my way
  5. Another miss oh
  6. Memories of Alhambra
  7. Tempted
  8. Are you human too?
  9. Radio Romance
  10. I will be by your side
  11. Something in the rain
  12. Legends of the blue sea
  13. Oh my ghostess

Some popular Korean Dramas of High School

  1.  Extraordinary
  2. My ID is Gangnam beauty
  3. Love Alarm
  4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  5. The Heirs
  6. Dream High
  7. Boys over Flowers

Most popular Korean Dramas of Sung Hoon

He is one of the most loved Korean actors. Some of his best Korean dramas are

  1. The secret Romance 
  2. Noble, my love
  3. Level up

These are the few most popular Korean dramas, most of them are easily available on Viki app And few of them Are available on Netflix. Hopefully, you loved the above lists. Don’t forget to comment me below about your favourite Korean drama  I would love to read and also mention your favourite Korean Actor or Actress.
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