Rebuild World Chapter 31: Release Date, Recap

Rebuild World has so far published six volumes with thirty chapters, and Rebuild World Chapter 31 is about to be released.

Rebuild World is written by Kirihito Ayamura.

Rebuild World began on July 26th, 2019, and has already published six volumes and thirty chapters.

However, because the 30th chapter is not included in the sixth edition, the next chapter may be included in the seventh volume.

Rebuild World is known by other names リビルドワールド & Ribirudo Wārudo.

Here is Everything We Know so far about Rebuild World Chapter 31 and upcoming Chapters in the Respective Manga.

Let’s keep an eye on the Storyline for now.

The Story Begins with a past named “Old World” produced many “Relics.”

The Old World was itself devastated as it has Numerous pieces of unidentified material, high-rise buildings floating in the air, strange medications, and a collection of weapons that are far too powerful to be used by humans.

Following the collapse of science and civilization, people gathered these “Relics” and gradually rebuilt human society.

As a result, the “Hunters,” the warriors who face the various dangers of the Old World, were born.

And one of them is Akira, a new hunter boy who wants to rise above the slums

In the search for something, Akira enters the Ruins of “Old World” Where he encounters a mysterious girl, who can only be seen as a ghost by him.

The Story revolves around the hunters where they trying to rebuild a World where they can overcome the Legacy of old civilizations.

Rebuild World Chapter 30 Recap!

We saw a fight between Akira and another guy at the start of chapter 30, and Shiori and Reina arrived just as Akira was about to shoot the guy for his defense.

Then the Guy and Akira had a big talk about who is lying and Shiori and Reina decided to contact HQ which could figure out the truth.

But they failed to contact HQ as the Guy has thrown Jamming Smoke according to Akira.

However, deep down Reina and Shiori think that Akira is lying and Reina got near the bad one and tried to help him to stand.

During that, he captured Reina as a Hostage and asked Akira to Put down the Gun.

after a big talk, the guy came to know that hostage is no more adding value to his life as if his friends will know that they would too kill him.

In between all this, Akira and Shiori tried their best to resolve the situation.

Rebuild World Chapter 31 Discussion!

as in the previous chapter, the guy was talking about his friends and Akira too got confirmed that his friends are powerful enough.

As a result, we can anticipate a meeting or action between his friends seeking revenge for his friend’s death.

The revenge war between them may take place in the next 2-to 3 chapters because it would take too long to discover the truth and group together.

we might get more clear insights when chapter 31 is officially out.

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Rebuild World Chapter 31 Release Date

Rebuild World Chapter 31 is serialized to be released on 21st May 2022, but the date is uncertain because officials have not said anything about it.

Release time

The release time of Rebuild World is set to 12 AM PST.

where to read Rebuild World Chapter 31?

If you’re unsure where to read Rebuild World, don’t worry; simply avoid unofficial sources because they are harmful and do not respect the original author’s right to publish future works.

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