Sandfish Stardew valley: Where and how to Catch Sandfish

Sandfish is the rarest fish in Stardew valley that can be found in many locations but with very Probability.

Sandfish is used in the “Specialty Fish Bundle” in Fish Tank. The main behavior of Sandfish is that it hides too perfectly Using camouflage.

Sandfish can be of any size in from 8 inches to 25 inches. The best thing about Sandfish is that it is found in all weather. so, you have to not wait for any weather. Whenever you are ready go for the search of the Sandfish.

You can also Gift it but remember to gift it only to Penny as she would be too happy to get a Sandfish.

Sandfish is mainly searched for the Speciality Fish bundle to unlock or get Dish O’ The Sea.

Where to Search for Sndfish in Stardew Valley

Fishpond where to Produce Sandfish After buying from Travelling Cart
As we start playing Stardew Valley we came to know about different Fish in the game but we always love to go in search of the fish that is too rare like Sandfish. In Stardew Valley There is a Lot of Rare things like Ancient Seeds, Ancient Fruits, Artifacts, Some insects, and even equipment like Seed Maker.
Sandfish is not found in multiple places it is can be found in only the Desert. To find Sandfish Just follow the given guide.
Step 1. On Fridays and Sundays go to the Cindersap Forests and search of The Travelling Cart in the South of the farm.
Step 2. Ask the Merchant for Sandfish as per Stock The price of Sandfish could be between 225g Gold to 1000g Gold. (If you have enough money then buy it otherwise I’ll be telling another free way in the post below.)
Step 3. After buying A Sandfish, Go to The Carpenters Shop Located near the mountains area in Pelican Town.
Step 4. In Carpenters Shop Ask Robin for Fish Pond. Fish Pond will cost 5000g Gold.
Step 5. Now place Sandfish in the pond and it will reproduce every 4 days.
Step 6. Usually, the fish pond can have 3 fish at a time but you can increase it to up to 10.

Another Way to Catch Sandfish in Stardew Valley

Desert in Stardew Valley where Sandfish is found
As I have discussed above expensive way to Find Sandfish now I am listing a few steps to find and catch Sandfish For free.
Step 1. Come out of your farm and move towards Calico Desert Located in the North West of Pelican Tower. The reason that Sandfish is found in every season is that In the desert it is always the same season and sunny all over.
Step 2. Remember that Sandfish could also be found in garbage cans in Pelican Town.
Step 3. As soon as you got to the Desert search for the pond and there you will get your hands on Sandfish.
Step 4. Remember that Snadfish tries to hide using camouflage.

Things To do With Sandfish in Stardew Valley

There are many things you can do with sandfish in Stardew valley some of them are as follows:
  • You can Gift them to villagers, Penny would love to take Sandfish but keep it away from Evelyn, Pierre, Haley As they all three hates Sandfish.
  • You can start a business of Sandfish, Just buy and search a few sandfish and then buy Fish ponds and leave them to produce as sandfish produce every 4 days and later on sell them.
  • Sell Sandfish for up to 250g gold.
  • Used for Speciality Fish Bundle.
  • Make some Recipes (like- Makki Roll, Sashimi) for Sandfish and then sell them all.
  • You can even make quality fertilizer for your farm with Sandfish and Sap.
  • Helps in Getting Dish O’ The Sea.
These are the few things in which you can use Sandfish.
Remember if you are trying to start a business to Sell produce and sell sandfish then make it large and rather than buying it from a traveling cart go for a search in the ponds in the desert.