[Solved] Pillars of Eternity: Three Bells Puzzle in Temple of Eothas

Pillars of Eternity is a role-playing video game that come first available in 2015. When the player enter the Temple Of Eothas he had to complete the Quest of Three Bells Puzzel to open the door. The bells can be rung by getting closer to it and clicking on them the quest will open where you had to choose the options to ring any of the bells you specified order.

(Spoiler Alert)

Three Bells Puzzle in Pillars of Eternity

In the temple of Eothas, you had to ring three Bells in order so that you can open the door. The Solution of the quiz is as follows to get a silver key hidden in the closed room:
Pillars of Eternity Bells in temple of Eothas
#1. Click on the Number 4 i.e Ring the Right Smaller Bell.
#2. Click on Number 2 i.e Ring the middle, Larger Bell.
#3. Click on Number 1 i.e Ring the Left, Smaller Bell.
#4. Click on Number 3 i.e Ring the Right Bell.
#5. Now it’s all done Press Continue and the doors will open.
Click on the Right Bell –> Middle Bell –> Let Bell –> Again Right Bell –> Then Continue.