Subnautica: How to find Battery Charger and Its Fragments Location

A battery Charger in Subnautica is a device used to charge dead batteries. The battery charger can charge up to 4 batteries at a time. The Battery charger charges the battery by taking energy from Seabase or Cyclops. There is so many places where you can search for it. But mostly it is found in Wrecks.

The battery charger charges with a speed of 9 units in a minute so it takes approx 11 minutes and 5 seconds to fully charge a battery.

How to Find Battery Charger in Subnautica

To get the battery Charger you must have 2 battery charger fragments as soon as you got 2 fragments you can easily make a battery charger with that. The best place to search for fragments is Wrecks and they are a lot in numbers and can be found in the deep ocean near your spawn locations. coordinated of Battery charger fragments are listed below.

Battery Charger Fragments

Subnautica battery charger fragments
Battery Charger fragments will be found hopefully in almost wrecks. Search for Wrecks around.
You must have a Torch and remember to check for every corner as Battery Fragments are hidden in most conditions.
Remember to have a High Capacity O2 Tank because All the wrecks location is below 100m and you need adequate time to find out the Fragments hiding inside the wreck.
Subnautica battery charger Fragments

Location of Battery Charger Fragments in Subnautica

Battery Charger Fragments can be found in Wrecks, Degasi Seabases, Grassy Plateaus, and Jellyshroom cave. You must have 2 battery charger fragments to make a battery charger. You must go to checkout Battery charger fragments in the Wrecks, as they are near and most wrecks are not too deep. You must have a High Capacity O2 tank and I would say to search for Smaller wrecks as they are much safe to find the Fragments and get out from them as soon as before you got O2 lost.
#1. Battery Charger Fragments from Degasi Seabase. Degasi Seabase is the oldest survivor-made sea base which has now been split into 3 sea bases and is one of the places where you can search for fragments of the battery chargers.
Degasi Seabase can be found in the center and the top of the Floating Mountain, Deep Grand Reef, Jellyshroo Cave. Where you can find a battery charger.
Degasi Seabase are found in the coordinates
  1. -800,80,-1055
  2. -760,15,-1115
  3. -705,80,-1165
named Base 1, Base 1a, Base 1b respectively.
#2. I would rather strongly recommend going with finding in Wrecks. You must know the game is full of wrecks in Every biome and Large Wrecks are even a lot dangerous as they are too big that in your oxygen time it will be difficult for you to scan and get fragments to get out of the Wrecks.
From the Giant coral tubes as much I have found is that there are two Wrecks a smaller one is approx 600metres in the South and the easiest one to get the Frags another one is in the west direction approx 600metres but it is a big one.
Before to any Wrecks especially take Care to get the High Capacity Tank and one Torch to find the Fragments.

Coordinates of Wrecks Where Battery charger Fragments are found

Location of battery charger fragments in
  • -388,-108,612
  • -28,-107,-615
  • -403,-132,650
  • -432,-90,-268
These are the current location Coordinates where you can search for Fragments as soon as you got two of them you are ready to make a battery charger.
This was all about how to find a battery charger all related guides about that.