Will there be Vagabond Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

Vagabond Season1 starred Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, and Shin Sung-rok and became super popular for its action scenes and intense acting and story. It was an emotional story with power-packed dangerous actions and twists.

Why Vagabond for Vagabond Season 2?

When it was premiered it was on the topmost of the list of having the highest viewership.

It was the most searched kdrama in its home place (South Korea).

Its action scenes were the most powerful till in kdrama history.

Reasons for Vagabond season2

Vagabond season 2 release date announcement, cast news
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Its ending was a clear sign for its season 2 as In the ending of Vagabond Season 1 we saw that Dal geon was alive and in a desert and pointing his gun on a focus point i.e some women in the Car.

and we saw that woman is Hae -Ri and Dal Geon is in a state of shock and stopped from shooting even when his teammates wanted to kill her he shot them.

So, in the end, it didn’t conclude with the story and ended as an open-end which gives a full hope of season 2.

The acting of each character was unpredictable and those twists were so hard to find out who is the right person and who is on the evil side.

and How it started from a straight case of an airplane crash and then it involved business companies and politics in the story.

The bond of Cha Dal Gun and Cha Hoon was so sweet and caring which made the story emotional and also the victim stories gave the story intense emotions.

Light romance boding and teamwork of Hae Ri and Dal Gun kept the storyline light at moments it was required.

Hae Ri’s character confidence development as firstly we saw she was given grocery work and was not assumed capable of doing her job as N.I.S agent. and then we saw that she was sent alone at the dangerous mission.

Dal Gun’s pain of losing his nephew and his action as a stuntman each emotion he presented touched the heart of fans.

Gi Tae-rok was an interesting character, he was powerful, honest in his work, and made a huge fan following because of his role.

Vagabond Season 2 Cast Progress

Lee Seung Gi played Dal Gun in Vagabond season 1 and is now working for his new upcoming kdrama ‘ Supernote ‘.It will be a thriller and maybe releasing by October of this year.

Bae Suzy is reported to work on a new kdrama named ‘Anna’. It is a story of a woman and how she ends up living someone else’s life and it is maybe releasing this year.

Expectation of Vagabond season 2 release ?

Till now there is no official statement about the Vagabond Season 2 release by the officials but its major popularity and the reasons above mentioned can make it happen.

And also we can see the main cast of Vagabond is busy with their upcoming project

So, it is slightly difficult to be released in the next few months of this year but maybe till the ending of this year, we get to know about the official release date of Vagabond Season 2.

Best things about Vagabond and Reason for its Season 2

  1. Best and foremost reason about Vagabond Season 2 could be its cast.
  2. The story could have been simple and straight but the twist and turns made it so unpredictable that at some point it was hard to choose the fair side.
  3. Action scenes were so well done and on screen chemistry of Dal gun and Hae ri made it a full pack drama for fans.
  4. It had 16 episodes total and each episode ended with a new connecting story to the next episodes.
  5. Each character made their place in hearts of fans it can be their evil side or their good side.
  6. Unfinished ending of vagabond and keeping the audience curious about the real culprit in the story.
  7. Unfinished love story of Hae ri and Dal Gun and the truth of Dal Gun Alive.

How we can Help

As we keep in check about the latest updates by the show directors, Producer, Cast, and writers

We will let you know as soon as possible by the post about the news of the Vagabond Season 2 Release.

What we can expect from Vagabond season 2

  • we expect a proper ending to the Vagabond and why the cliffhanger at the end.
  • Continue lovestory of Dal Gun and Hae -ri to grab more space on screen.
  • we will get to know how Hae ri reacts after knowing that Dal Gun is alive.
  • reveal of all the truths can be the main storyline of Vgabond Season 2.