Will there be Vincenzo Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

Vincezo is one of the most popular k-dramas of 2021, having a total of 20 episodes with each one being highly addictive and with lots of twists and turns.

What’s make it worth watching is its brilliant star cast, wonderful direction, and amazing story.

As we know fans of Vincenzo are keenly waiting for this update about the announcement of Vincenzo Season 2.

Chances of Vincenzo Season 2 coming in this year are as follows :

  1. Ending of the Vincezo Season 1 : In the ending Vincezo left south korea and we get to know that he bought a new island and he will be taking cha young with him and settle at the new island and also we find out that Vincezo had change of heart but still he is Mafia. So ,there are good chances of Vincezo season 2 with a new story in the New Island and Vincezo and cha Young as couple.
  2. This is the reason which shows a great probability of realising of Vincenzo Season 2 ,its popularity ,Vincezo earned a rank of 4th most popular show on Netflix and 6th most streamed tv show .It recived around peak 11.8 rating nationalwide and made record ,it broke many records and still on its way of becoming more popular.

Vincenzo is a gem and the above points can convince its Director Kim Hee Won and producers Lee Jang-soo, Jang Sai-Jung, Ham Seung-hoon, Cho Soo-young to create Vincenzo season 2 as soon as possible.

What we can expect from Vincenzo season 2?

Vincenzo Season 2 Release date expectation

We can expect Vincenzo and Cha young as couples in season 2 of Vincenzo and maybe get to know about the new island bought by Vincenzo, as we know he had a fight with the Italian Mafia so we can get a story ahead about Vincenzo and other Italian Mafia members.

And most important Cassano family reunion is a must thing to make the story plot more connected to Vincenzo season 1 and also add comedy and love to it.

So, we can expect more thrill and comedy in Vincenzo Season 2.

Current Scenerios regrading Vincenzo season 2

Song Joong-Ki is currently working on the Criminal thriller ‘Bogota’ which will be releasing in this year 2022.

Jeon Yeo Bin is working as the female lead in the upcoming Netflix series ‘Glitch‘ as this is confirmed by Netflix.

So, both the main leads are working on different shows hence it can be hard for Vincezo Season 2 to be released this year, but we as fans can hope for Season 2 next upcoming year.

Is there any Official Announcement regarding the realise of Vincenzo Season 2?

Until Now, there is no official announcement from Netflix or TVN regarding Vincenzo Season 2, but the ultimate pressure made by the fan can make it happen, obviously, Vincezo is a story that needs a part 2.

Reasons for the popularity of Vincenzo

  1. Thrillers and twists were so great and make a viewer say ‘Wow! didn’t expected that’.
  2. Sizzling chemistry between Song Joong-Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin.
  3. Comedy Factor added to the thriller story made it a fun watch and more lovable.
  4. Geumga Plaza which is the place which connected Cassano Family and each member of this family was unique and the love at the end for each other made it remarkable k-drama of all time.
  5. The Villans ,they were mad ,despirate to win. Each villan in the Vincenzo K-drama were dangerous and added exact spice to the drama.
  6. Song Joong Ki played both parts very well ,he was dangerous as mafia in one scene as well cute and funny in other scenes.
  7. The madness of Jeon Yeo Bin made cha Young as strong female lead ,she was not as usual soft female leads of kdrama .she was strong and dangerous ,which is the thing i loved about her.
  8. Inzaghi made the k-drama memorable.

Cast Expecting for Vincenzo Season 2

  • Song Joong Ki
  • Jeon Yeo been
  • kim Yoon hye
  • Yang Kyung-won
  • Im Chulsoo
  • Seo Ye-Hwa
  • Italian Mafia


According to recent scenarios and no Netflix announcement, it’s Unlikely to release Season 2 this year, but as we see its popularity and ending and all the reasons above mentioned we can still hope that there will be another season of Vincenzo.

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