Top 6 Best Rick and Morty Characters, Ranked

By Tarun September 19, 2022


From "Rick Sanchez" to "Birdperson" every Best Rick and Morty character ranked

Whenever Rick Needs an Advice, there is his best Friend Birdperson. Birdperson and Rick's Friendship Chemistry in the show is awesome.


Adult Swim

This Character (Summer Smith) is transformed over the seasons, In the Family she is the one who is mostly in missions with Rick and Morty.

Summer Smith

Adult Swim

Mr. Poopybutthole first showed in season 2, constantly increased his fan base because of his nature.

Mr. Poopybutthole

Adult Swim

Eye Patch Morty is the opposite of Morty Smith, the same boy from another universe who once served as president of Citadel.

Evil Morty

Adult Swim

Young boy who do things that no one would do for rick, mostly rick creates troubles which Morty has to handle.

Morty Smith

Adult Swim

Alcoholic Rick C-137 Deserves this place, Rick is a Intelligent Scientist and on the other hand he is careless/ Brutal too.

Rick Sanchez

Adult Swim