Cobra Kai: The 13 Strongest Fighters in Season 5 (Ranked)

By Tarun September 11, 2022


Netflix / Cobra Kai

Seems to be Too much Over Powered Character of Cobra Kai. Deep Down he Deserves it , At The end the level of energy he has is at next level.

Kenny Payne

Netflix / Cobra Kai

All Valley Champion 

Tory Nichols

Worked too Hard In and Outside the Dojo

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Trained too Hard after losing All Valley Championship and Proved It.

Samantha LaRusso

Netflix / Cobra Kai

No More Eli, Its Time to Bring Back Hawk.

Eli Moskowitz (Hawk)

Always Ready for any challenge.

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Trained In Two Dojo's and always proved himself the best.

Robby Keene

Netflix / Cobra Kai

All Valley Champion Still Continues To keep up his Level

Miguel Diaz

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Surpisingly, Its 180 Degree  MIKE BARNES.

Mike Barnes

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Upcoming Rising Legend of Cobra Kai. Undefeated Character of Season 5 

Kim Da-Eun

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Daniel Showed His Strength in last minutes of the Season 5.

Daniel LaRusso

Netflix / Cobra Kai

The Family Guy Johnny, Overcome Most of the Cobra Kai Sensei Alone.

Johnny Lawrence

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Real Fighter is Free!

John Kreese

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Not Only in Mind Games, But Terry  Is also Shown OP in Season 5

Terry Silver

Netflix / Cobra Kai

Chozen was the Strongest Fighters in the overall season 5.