6 TV Shows Like Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

By Tarun September 19, 2022


From "The Sandman" to "House of the Dragon" which will keep you engaged with fantasy drama

Watching The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, so I'm back with a list to keep your ongoing Adventurous-fantasy desires filled.

Netfilx/ Shadow and Bone

The Wheel of Time revolves around the supremacy of magic. You might connect Rings of the Power's Fantasy to This TV show.

The Wheel of time

Amazon Prime Video

Mysterious Drama Shadow of Bone will never fail to entertain you even at a single moment but as Season 1 comes to end your urges for season 2 will increase.

Shadow and Bone


2022 Tv Show The Sandman based on comic book of the same name has perfectly nailed the fantasy genre. Along with this you will see a additional Supernatural Horror feeling.

The Sandman


What's more adventurous then killing a monster for money, Geralt of Rivia will explore Numerous Beautiful places and will keep up the thriller in the tv show.

The Witcher

Netflix/ The Witcher

Ongoing tv show House of the dragon will surely stand to your expectations and  Ongoing War Strategies' by Targaryen will blow your mind. 

House of the Dragon

Image Credit HBO