WWE 2K19 Latest DLC : You Must Get Them Now: Full Details

Playing wrestling games like WWE 2K19 with Dlc gives another level of fun so at least try once the experience. downloading updated content and playing with it is awesome.

WWE 2K19 is the best in all form 2k game ever released. Every WWE game comes out but as usual, they have a lot of bad user experience and glitches, and WWE 2K19 is well optimized and 2K20 being the worst one. Every WWE Games had pros and cons, but the 2k19 seems to one step ahead of enjoyment and user experience until now when WWE battlegrounds had arrived and 2K22 will come out this year.

But players are still waiting for the WWE 2k19 updates. So I have been here having all the list of DLC and updates in match-making and roasters etc.

The Game comes with a big roaster but the Update is also too satisfying. The update comes with NXT and WWE 100+ Downloadable Players With their different moves and action, show off also. Even You get access to unlockable content. DLC Also contains a season pass.

WWE 2K19 DLC Full Details

The DLC pack is Full of content so don’t think it will ruin your money and the content is worth that money.
WWE 2K19 Best DLC and mods
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This DLC help in boosting and enhancing the journey of your custom player in mycareer it would help easy growth in mycarrer of WWE 2k19 with 10 easy boosts and about 20000vc to spend on the player and free deluxe tokens.
  • 400 Free Deluxe Tokens
  • 2.000 Free Tokens
  • 10 Free Boosts
  • 20 free Style Points
  • 20.000 VC
  • All Boost Slots unlocked (Road To Glory)
  • Unlocks all Prestige areas of the MyPLAYER tree

#2 WWE 2K19 mods

Modding communities had played a great role in modifying the game you will get a lot of mods of superstars and moves their just download and install them.
One of the most famous mods are as per 2021 
  • Bam Bam Entrance music
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Wrestling themes
  • Indi Hartwell 2021
  • Batista 2010
  • Shawn Michales
  • Murphy
  • Killer kelly
  • Roderick Strong
  • Eva Marie GFX
  • Will Hobbs
  • Cody Rhodes
and so many other mods. these mods are the latest one of the best DLC of  WWE 2K games.

#3 Rey Mysterio & Ronda Rousey

Rey Mysterio Being one of the most played characters in WWE games earlier and as Rey Mysterio returns to WWE again then the Fan craze increases to another extent But till his return, the game was released and players were searching for Rey Mysterio mod so the game officially included Rey Mysterio in DLC
Ronda Rousey is the phenomenal Player till now and she had made a great place in WWE so she absolutely had a place in divas. She trends too much and providing the character in DLC will make the DLC be sold more. that’s the power of Ronda Rousey’s fans.
Both characters came along with moves and actions and some stories too.

#4 WOOOOO! Edition Pack

wooooo! edition pack contain downloadable content i.e attire’s, arena’s, and Few extended characters/superstars such as Dusty Rhodes (1985), Rowdy Roddy Piper, Randy Savage (1992), and more. These superstars are designed as of that year’s look and moves and efficiency they all were legend at that time. so, they are gonna give a huge plus point to users to play with or against legends

  • Dusty Rhodes (1985)
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • Randy Savage (1992)
  • Undertaker (2002)
  • Rick Flair
  • Ricky Steamboat (1987)
  • New Arena
  • New Attire

#5  Accelerator

Accelerator WWE 2K19 DLC pack is used for unlocking unlockable superstar, moves, arena, attires, etc

You would get the option to decide and make your own superstar legend or coward as you will be able to edit Superstar’s overall rating and attributes. you could change the superstar’s rating which seems to be shown as underrated. You will get a great hand on customization.

#6 Rising Stars Pack

WWE 2K19 DLC contains one of the huge packs of 200+ superstars of WWE and NXT brands The DLC pack is named as Rising stars pack.
This DLC is one of the biggest updates in WWE 2K19.
DLC contains playable superstars
Male Superstars:
  • Ricochet
  • Mike Kanellis
  • Lio Rush
Female Superstars
  • Candice Lerae
  • Lacey Evans
  • Dakota Kai
  • Maria Kanellis

#7 New Moves Pack

One of the must-have DLC for the game is the moves pack as while playing with old moves we got frustrated and tried to customize new characters but got fewer moves so the moves pack is a must as it contains 50 New moves and Taunts in-game
  • Splash & Leg Drop Combo (Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy)
  • Apron Exploder (Tyler Bate), Slingshot X-Factor (Mustafa Ali)
  • Inverted Atomic Drop/Leg Drop Combo (Jeff Hardy)
  • And so on

#8 Titans DLC

Titans DLC pack is one of the common DLC available after each WWE 2k game released and Pack is itself still Famous among the players.
TITANS DLC pack contains WWE and NXT 3 superstars. These superstars are available In the basic game but are updated moves and taunts are added in the DLC to make them more fun.
  • EC3
  • Bobby Lashley
  • Hanson
  • Rowe

Requirements For DLC

You must have a basic WWE 2k19 game to install DLC any of the two editions of 2k19 are helpful you could have a digital deluxe edition or a normal one WWE 2K19.
You Could download each DLC pack separately and install it or can go with the full DLC package.

How to Instal WWE 2K19 DLC

installing WWE 2k19 DLC is a much easier task just download them and start the application.
  • First, install WWE 2K19 Basic Game
  • Thereafter buy and download the DLC pack
  • After downloading, if in zip or any other format like rar.
  • Extract them
  • Start application
  • Locate Your installed WWE 2k19 Game
  • Then proceed installation
  • Start the game it will show all DLC
These were the latest DLC of WWE 2k19. comment below if you loves the list