Zero Hour – Custom Watch Codes (Unlock Codes)

Custom Watch Codes For Zero Hour Operational Black


The special secret codes to unlock Operation Black Dawn’s new custom watches.

  • BigFry: BIGFRY1013
  • ScottHotRod: SCOTTHOT42
  • ControlledPairs: CTRLPAIR47
  • Duerag: DUERAG95
  • JustinRed87: JUSTIN87

Written by sgt.shadow

Some other zero-hour watch codes codes
  • Wet Job watch code 1: KLEAN777
  • Wet Job code 2: KLEAN2142
  • Wet job code 3: KLEAN13376
  • For the french touch: FR13112015
  • Torus Mastaz: FR13112015
  • Klean: KLEAN2142
That’s all zero hour watch codes if still any code is missing then comment below.
Remember these codes are not made by geniodatos so there is no guarantee they will work for everyone but after research, we came across these codes and we had tried out well best to provide you the perfect codes.